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Vessel tracking, vehicle tracking, vessel management, and fleet management systems (hardware and customized software), as well as Client Representation on QA/QC for the Oil and Gas Industry are a few of the services offered by Meridian.

Welcome to MERIDIAN SURVEYS Home Page.  We hope you'll find them interesting and will stay around to enjoy their content.  Please read on for details of the Consultancy Services and Products we provide in the world of Survey (i.e. Positioning) and Geophysics within the Oil, Gas and Related Industries.   Some of our products have applications outside of the Petroleum Industry, hence may be of interest to you. 

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For our regular Clients utilising the MVM System, please follow the HOTLINK to the MVM Client Pages to view your vessels. 

For more information on the MVM system, please go to the general information pages. 

MVM Client Pages

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Meridian's Vessel Management System

(Now with ARCS compatibility!)

General Information

For more information about Meridian Surveys Services and Products, please follow the links provided below:

Meridian Surveys Company Profile Company Profile
Meridian's Consultancy Services Consultancy Services
Meridian's Products Meridian's Products (General)
Meridian's MVM System Meridian's Vessel Management System  (MVM)


Contact Information

Meridian's contact numbers (telephone, facsimile and email) for the Kuala Lumpur and Singapore offices are listed below.  We look forward to hearing from you. 



Kuala Lumpur



  No. E-3-2, Jalan Selaman 1/2

  Dataran Palma

  Off Jalan Ampang

  68000 Ampang

  Selangor Darul Ehsan

    21 Toh Guan Road East
    Toh Guan Centre
    SINGAPORE 608609
Telephone    +60 3 4270 5505     +65 6264 1526
Fax    +60 3 4270 5545     +65 6264 0503
Email info@meridiansurveys.com.my info@meridiansurveys.com.my



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